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The one (and ONLY) downside to bargain shopping is that sometimes, the items are not in the best condition. Things may need minor alterations, an added button or a stitched hem here and there. So you have to invest the time for that $2 score.

I purchased a beautiful giraffe print burlap/leather Diane Von Furstenberg purse at Jeremy’s in December. It was during one of the crazy 70% off sales and I scored it for like $15. As soon as I got home, I transferred all of my items from my old purse into my new one and rocked it RIGHT away.

Well, a few weeks passed… and the poor thing started falling apart. 😦

The burlap part started tearing and people would say ‘Do you know your bags torn?’ I decided I needed to either part ways or think of something extra crafty to save it.

Seeing how I recently started a new business (more on that later!!) I can’t just throw away a purse since I don’t have super funds to just go out and get a new one!!

So – I was extra crafty and here’s how I brought my bag back to LIFE!!

Here’s the bag before – super cute; but very worn!!!

I decided I wanted to cover the worn part with a scarf! I found this PERFECT one at Thrift Town for .99!

I took the scarf, wrapped it around the majority of the bag, pinned it in place, and hand stitched it on.

And…. Voila!! I think I did this bag justice by giving it another go! It’s just too cute (scarf or not) to pass up!!

What do you think? yay or neh?


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What a weekend this one was; and not really in a good way. Another emotionally difficult phase but I hope everyone will stay as strong as possible.

My time this weekend was sort of on and off with filling in the gaps of empty time to being overwhelmed with things to do. Normally I find a good balance of the two; but this weekend was just one of those weekends where it was either or.

So what did I do in my empty time gaps? Well, went bargain shopping. And I did find some goodies:

Thanks El Sobrante Thrift Town! Zara jean dress, Nine West pumps, urban outfitters Tee, Ann Taylor wrap sweater and unknown crocheted black dress = $10

Thanks Jeremy’s! Disel red cashmere sweater, Doo-Ri pink tube dress, BDG pink tee, fei embroidered green racer back tank and Geren Ford blue grommet dress = $25 ( I didn’t have time to post last week; but all women’s clearance was additional 50% off, I’ll make sure to let you know next time there’s a sale there!)

And, thanks Old Navy! Black and white stripped fitted sweater dress, multi-colored stripped fitted sweater dress, floral blouse, baby ballerina onesie and baby pink bowed shoes (gifts) = $1.90

Don’t believe me on the $1.90 total? Here’s my receipt! All clearance was additional 30% off and I had a $30 rewards certificate. Owed $1.90 after!

And, to end the weekend – a most beautiful sunset in good ol El Sobrante. So beautiful, so sad, so erie all at the same time.

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OMG OMG OMG!! Ok, so my most favorite store of ALL TIME, Jeremy’s, is having their first sweep sale that I can make!!! I subscribe to their emails and would get sale emails all the time while living out of state and it always bummed me out!! But – now I can go!!!!

If you’re not familiar with Jeremy’s it is an AMAZING store with locations in Berkeley/Oakland at College Ave and Ashby and also one in the city in the South Park area off 2nd st. The Berkeley store is my fav, as they usually have the better steals. They have overstock and damage items from brands like J.Crew to designers like Miu Miu. I have scored some fab things there like a canary yellow Tory Burch cardigan for $7 and Badgley Mischka white and silver peep-toe pumps for $10. I get goosebumps thinking about their sales… and this weekend, it’s additional 50% off all accessories

We’re going to Shroeder’s Oktoberfest in the city tomorrow night, then down to Palo Alto for the UCLA vs Stanford game on Sat… BUT I srsly am going to have to put on MY game face and get to Jeremy’s when the doors open. I CANT miss this!!  Maybe I’ll see some of you there!

Here’s some of the deals they have in the email; but they have a store FULL of items!


LOOK at this flash drive and mouse!!  HOW AWESOME! Would be a fun project to DIY!

And if Kellen’s a good boy – maybe I’ll get him some super cute shoes too!!!


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