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At the end of a long day of bargain hunting at the White Elephant preview sale, I drove back up to Sacramento and took in all of my new finds!! I went in with a budget of $100… and still had $20 left on my way back up!

Here are just a FEW highlights of my major scores! Too many scores to post a pic of everything!!

New Tablecloth!

Kitchen Goodies!!

Makeup and Sewing cases!

Sewing supplies I’ve been looking at getting forever!

Most ADORABLE key holder EVER!!

Frames, craft supplies, pretty trash can and more!!

Beautiful gold and olive dress!!

Purse and gloves!


Beautiful table linens and new decorations!

Bookshelf ends for Kellen!

And one of my new FAVORITE things… my February Angel!

Like what you see?? The sale for the public is March 3rd and 4th!! Get there EARLY for the best deals!!

Happy shopping!



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Endless shelves of baskets, lines of dressers, bins of scarves and massive tables overfilled with shoes. Sounds like heaven, right? Well, I found heaven on earth and that is the White Elephant Sale in Oakland, CA.

For years, my family and I make the ‘preview’ sale benefiting the Oakland Museum OUR event of the year. We count down the days from the 1st of the year to the sale weekend. We strategize on who’s going to which department first and study the map of the 96,000 square foot warehouse to be sure we know where each department is. Do I go to the shoe department first? Accessories? Kitchen? Books? Art? Brick-a-Brack?? Agh!! So many options!!

I was told not to share the sale on my blog so I wouldn’t ‘giveaway the secret’. Well, seeing how the line to get in is well over 1,000 ppl deep, I don’t think it’s too much of a secret anymore… so I wanted to share the amazingness with all of you!

Here’s a look at the experience:

My family; all smiles eagerly waiting for the doors to OPEN!

The line behind us wrapping through the Oakland neighborhood.

Kitchen Dept!


Emma shopping in Children’s dept!



Baskets in Brick-a-Brack!

See my next post for what I actually BOUGHT!!! Fabulousness!!










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On my to-do list every day this week was to take some pics and blog about a few goodies I scored last weekend.. well.. I’ve finally checked it off my list as my busy week comes to a close and my busy weekend is about to start. 😉 I think a jam packed, festivity-filled weekend sounds OK to me though so does a free weekend sitting and relaxing. Oh well, there’s always time to relax in January – right?

Anywho – I found some pretty awesome things last weekend during my visit to the bay area for Thanksgiving. Check it out and enjoy! Ps – I got a tripod for my camera finally as many blogger friends recommended. It helps.. but I think when I find a remote to take them, that will be the miracle worker!

Miss Magnin at iMagnin flowered wrap dress – Thrift Town Score!



My steal of the week is this dress found at Jeremy’s for .87 cents. 🙂 Can’t beat that!!

My delicious new Tory Burch wedges compliments of Jeremy’s!

 And finally, a new Marc Jacob’s purchase thanks to Thrift Town!

Yay! What have you gotten recently that you love? Any good bargains?

Happy Weekend!!

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What a weekend this one was; and not really in a good way. Another emotionally difficult phase but I hope everyone will stay as strong as possible.

My time this weekend was sort of on and off with filling in the gaps of empty time to being overwhelmed with things to do. Normally I find a good balance of the two; but this weekend was just one of those weekends where it was either or.

So what did I do in my empty time gaps? Well, went bargain shopping. And I did find some goodies:

Thanks El Sobrante Thrift Town! Zara jean dress, Nine West pumps, urban outfitters Tee, Ann Taylor wrap sweater and unknown crocheted black dress = $10

Thanks Jeremy’s! Disel red cashmere sweater, Doo-Ri pink tube dress, BDG pink tee, fei embroidered green racer back tank and Geren Ford blue grommet dress = $25 ( I didn’t have time to post last week; but all women’s clearance was additional 50% off, I’ll make sure to let you know next time there’s a sale there!)

And, thanks Old Navy! Black and white stripped fitted sweater dress, multi-colored stripped fitted sweater dress, floral blouse, baby ballerina onesie and baby pink bowed shoes (gifts) = $1.90

Don’t believe me on the $1.90 total? Here’s my receipt! All clearance was additional 30% off and I had a $30 rewards certificate. Owed $1.90 after!

And, to end the weekend – a most beautiful sunset in good ol El Sobrante. So beautiful, so sad, so erie all at the same time.

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I made it into Jeremy’s on Saturday – and I am SO glad I did!! Instead of driving into Berkeley, however, I went to the one in South Park. It’s been a while since I hit up that store vs the College location; but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised!! Their store, however packed to the brim with bargain hunters, was still spacious and I successfully avoided a shopping anxiety attack. Just swam in their sea of gorgeous shoes, handbags and accessories that were additional 50% off.

After about an hour and a half, I left with a big smile on my face and a bag full of new shoes. Here’s a look at my latest weekend goodies!!

Antik Batik leather sandals

Original Jeremys Price: $129.00

My price: $4.50

Nine West Floral Flip Flop

Original Jeremy’s Price: $15.00

My Price: $4.00

Steve Madden Nude peep-toe pump

Original Jeremy’s Price: $29.00

My price: $10.00

Badgley Mischka Nude half-bootie pump

Original Jeremy’s  price: $139.00

My price: $15.00

Derek Lam nude double bow ankle strap heel

Original Jeremy’s Price: $259.00

My Price: $9.00

Rickard Shah Black square heeled boot

Original Jeremy’s Price $419.00

My Price: $60.00

6 pair of shoes for a grand total of $102.50! YES!

I have a feeling their clothing sale will be this weekend…. trouble brewing ahead!! AGH!

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So the used 4 Runner that I got a WEEK ago, died last night. Yes, *awesome*. I’m a big girl, I can afford to go buy a new car, and yet, I still appease to other people. Not sure why… I need to work on my ‘selfish-ness’ some more and do things for ME and not for other people. Anyone else have that problem?

Anywho – since I’m stranded and it feels oh-so-fallish outside, I made some calming tea, wrapped myself in my coziest sweater, have Bad Santa on in the background and am browsing for some new fall boots on my FAV shoe-shopping site, Piperlime!

Here’s some goodies I’m lusting over, maybe I can budget in some new boots along with the new starter I have to pay for! :/

These Messeca ‘Celina‘ wedges booties are AWESOME!! I love the subtle cream lining!


Did I miss the ‘Ivanka Trumo designing shoes’ announcement somewhere? I had NO idea she’s doing this, but I love these boots!!!!!!

YUMMY!! These are gorgeous!!!

And the grand finale… I want, I want I want these awesome Hunter rain boots!!! OMG!

Hope everyone had a great Sunday! Think I’ll get motivated in a bit and bake some banana bread and do some crafts. Wish me luck!

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Weekend Goodies!

Another fun weekend has come and gone. Kellen and I went back down to the bay to visit and make a much needed trip to Hilltop in good ol El Sobrante… YES.. I said HILLTOP! 😉 Even though that entire mall is worthless, the Macy’s has THE best men’s department and he scored shorts, t-shirts, button ups, and a gorgeous Michael Kors tie – all for $40! Yiiiiiieeeee!!!

I scored on some new goodies too! Stopped by this AMAZING (but overpriced) estate sale in El Sobs and got this fab new lamp!! Along with my bestie Adriana, I am totally obsessed with awesome lamps and was seeking the perfect one for my nightstand. Love it!

Then back in Sacramento, I hit up the monthly antique fair under the 80. It’s about 4 blocks from our apt, so I couldn’t miss it! I’m a little anti on antique fairs, just since all of the prices are always hiked up. I’m a penny saver, so spending $20 on something I can get a Thrift Town for $5 makes me cringe. I went with a $60 budget and did end up scoring some new goodies though!!

Scarves, vintage cardigan and three adorable new belts!! I esp LOVE the ‘B’ one!!

The most perfect plant holder I could have ever asked for:

A mini grandfather clock for Kellen! I took one of his presidential pics, this one the ‘Drafting of the Declaration of Independence’ and cut it so it fit perfectly in the ‘frame’ part on the bottom. Had to do something creative with it!

Also found a mirror and white wicker shelving unit, but stay tuned for my next post on my new and improved guest room/craft room/office!! Yay for a 2 bedroom apt!!

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