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Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about fun projects!! Mainly because I haven’t had that much time to do fun projects lately with work and some traveling… BUT… I did finish a few things I’ve had on my “Fun craft to-do list” that I wanted to share with you!

First project – matryoshka mason jar!

I found a box of mason jars at a yard sale and took a few home with me. I came across this blog post a while before that and wanted to try out the project so figured with a 50 cent investment and leftover lace from this project I attempted to make before, I’d give it a go!

My niece, Emma, found an ad in the magazine with Matryoshka dolls and gave it to me so I thought I’d add my own little spin on the decoration. Here’s what I did:

Got my materials together, hot glue gun, mason jar, lace

Then cut out Matryoshka dolls and out everything together!

Then found the PERFECT place in my apt and put some little tea light candles inside.. voila! Love them!

Next up is my new and improved armoire!!

I re-arranged our room when it was raining in March and created a whole new wall open for new furniture! LOVE when that happens!! So of course I started hunting for something perfect. Went to estate sales.. always a rip off. Yard sales didn’t have much but then I randomly went to this rummage sale at a high school in some town outside of Sacramento (no clue where I was) and this beautiful armoire was standing in a pile of stuff!! They had $70 on it… but I left with it for $50. Yeah!!

Here’s what I did… took me the past 2 months to do, but hey, at least it’s finally done!

This is the original. I like the original dark wood, but it’s just too dark for my space so I wanted to lighten it up:

Then I hit up Ace Hardware to select paint… took me like 20 minutes to decide on a color!

Gave it a few coats and spray painted the hardware black for a bit of a modern flair. 😉

Next up was decorating it. Of course Martha came in handy with her new stencils!! (ps – super want to make those curtains!)

Then I stenciled away and painted some of the woodwork to stand out more:

And.. voila! My new armoire! LOVE!

What fun crafts have you done lately??


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As I was on my way for some groceries at Ranch 99 in Sacramento in the stormy spring rain, I miraculously stumbled upon a Goodwill outlet. I had been craving some thrifting but with my stomach growling only dinner was on my mind.

However.. when I saw the neon painted windows that screamed ‘$1.89 per lb’ for clothes… I srsly screeched into the parking lot and ran inside!! I’m normally very comfortable with thrift stores since my mom has been a thriftier since I was a baby on Mission street in the city. However – this outlet was a little bit of a shocker.

Huge bins FILLED to the top with items and people wearing face masks, gloves and all digging through the bins to find goodies. Of course, I jumped in. But next time, I’ll prob wear my cleaning clothes b/c I felt pretty gross when I left.

It was all worth it though because I found tons of awesome things including 2 dresses, 3 shirts, 2 shirts for my niece, one shirt for my sister, one shirt for Kellen, a lamp shade here, fabric for my lamp shade here and 2 new pieces of art… all for $8!! That’s what? Like 60 cents an item! I’ll take it!!

One of the items I found was this super mumu sea shell dress! I just loved the fabric and saw the potential.. so I sewed it to a perfect fit!!

Here’s the before:

AND… here’s the AFTER!! Def new fav dress!!

I thought this little rope belt looked perf with it!! What do you think??

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Ok; so I have to admit that I did go shopping for myself over the holidays. I mean, with all of those crazy sales, how could I resist??? Especially when I kept getting those Jeremy’s additional sale emails; went from 40% off to 50% off to 60% off to 70% off to 80% off to 90% off. I’m serious… yes.. 90% off the lowest ticketed sale price. INSANE.

I happily made it to a few of the sales including the 70% weekend! I was accompanied by the lovely Loressa Hutchinson of L on Sac for that sale and we had a blast!! I had to prepare her for the madness at hand, but only after experiencing it did she realize the high of walking out the door with a bag of bargains. I hope she has as much fun as I did!

Here’s a look at two of my favorite purchases from that trip – festive shoes!!

Alejandro Ingelmo half-bootie nude pump: Jeremy’s price $395. Sale Price $8. My Price after 70% off: $2

Beverly Feldman gold and black platforms (I added the festive poinsettia but have to find a new charms to add so I can wear them the rest of the year!) Jeremy’s price $59 Sale Price $15 My price after 70% off: $5

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The holidays are in full swing and there’s no turning back now!! Along with holiday shopping, gatherings and festivities are lots of fun giveaways and contests from brands across the board!

One fun campaign I wanted to share with you is from Swarovski Elements! I’ve been in and out of LA in November for this project and it’s in full gear so I’d love the support of anyone to help spread the word and join in the fun!

Just tweet out a holiday greeting with #letitsparkle and you’re entered to win one of three gorgeous SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ necklaces every Friday in December.  @Swarovski will announce the winners via Twitter every Friday so follow them to see if you’re a winner!

Another very cool part of the project is that you can see your tweets (and texts with the word SPARKLE to 877877) on a custom created helix sign on Rodeo Drive via our live stream camera! Check out the Swarovski Elements Facebook page to watch!

Finally, if you’re in Los Angeles, you have to play with the free Let It Sparkle GoldRun app! Yes, you can wear that Missoni gown made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in augmented reality! Check out my pic! If you complete a run, you get a free gift with purchase! whoop!

What holiday contests are you seeing lately? Any good ones?

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As I was unpacking my holiday box and getting up the tree, lights and decorations, I found a bag of holiday cards I was given last year. I love holiday cards, but hate them at the same time since you get them and most people just throw them away at the end of the season.

This year, I decided to take the cards that I saved from last year and turn them into a decoration for my staircase! Some red yarn, paperclips and imagination = fun new decoration that I’ll do for many years to come!

Here’s what I did:

Gathered all of my cards together and choose which ones I wanted to display

Found some pretty colored paperclips (Just wouldn’t be the same w/ regular paperclips, right??) 😉

Gathered my red yard and tied it in spaced out bows

Then I hung on my stairs!

I LOVE my new, and very cheap, holiday decoration! It’s a great conversation piece to showcase cards from loved ones and other photos!

Here’s a look at one of my favorite items, even though it’s not a card. This is me, in 1987, with a room full of Santa’s on the front page of an old San Francisco newspaper. My mom saved it after all of these years. 🙂

Happy decorating everyone!! What’s your new favorite decoration this year?

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THE Black Friday Sale!

Ok – so I did plan on standing outside the El Sobrante Thrift Town Friday morning to be one of the first ppl to score a $5 gift card – HOWEVER – I just checked the one email I don’t check daily and saw THE black friday sale – Jeremys. 🙂 I have to get my besties gifts for our gift exchange next weekend – and I just know that I’ll be able to find goodies here – plus I’m sure some items for myself.

If you’re in the bay area for Thanksgiving – you MUST attend this and let me know. Ill be in line on Friday morning! xoxo

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Hair Poll; Advice please!!

Ok – I am in the mood to dye my hair. Usually when I get in this mood I go dark. Then two weeks later when my summer tan 100% fades away I regret it and get the bleach out again.

Can you let me know what you think via comments? Here are my strongest contenders. They’re all sort of similar, but just a bit different in the brownie tone.  BTW – of course they both look amazing on these ridiculously beautiful women, but alas, just to try to imagine it on lil ol me. 🙂





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