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Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about fun projects!! Mainly because I haven’t had that much time to do fun projects lately with work and some traveling… BUT… I did finish a few things I’ve had on my “Fun craft to-do list” that I wanted to share with you!

First project – matryoshka mason jar!

I found a box of mason jars at a yard sale and took a few home with me. I came across this blog post a while before that and wanted to try out the project so figured with a 50 cent investment and leftover lace from this project I attempted to make before, I’d give it a go!

My niece, Emma, found an ad in the magazine with Matryoshka dolls and gave it to me so I thought I’d add my own little spin on the decoration. Here’s what I did:

Got my materials together, hot glue gun, mason jar, lace

Then cut out Matryoshka dolls and out everything together!

Then found the PERFECT place in my apt and put some little tea light candles inside.. voila! Love them!

Next up is my new and improved armoire!!

I re-arranged our room when it was raining in March and created a whole new wall open for new furniture! LOVE when that happens!! So of course I started hunting for something perfect. Went to estate sales.. always a rip off. Yard sales didn’t have much but then I randomly went to this rummage sale at a high school in some town outside of Sacramento (no clue where I was) and this beautiful armoire was standing in a pile of stuff!! They had $70 on it… but I left with it for $50. Yeah!!

Here’s what I did… took me the past 2 months to do, but hey, at least it’s finally done!

This is the original. I like the original dark wood, but it’s just too dark for my space so I wanted to lighten it up:

Then I hit up Ace Hardware to select paint… took me like 20 minutes to decide on a color!

Gave it a few coats and spray painted the hardware black for a bit of a modern flair. πŸ˜‰

Next up was decorating it. Of course Martha came in handy with her new stencils!! (ps – super want to make those curtains!)

Then I stenciled away and painted some of the woodwork to stand out more:

And.. voila! My new armoire! LOVE!

What fun crafts have you done lately??

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One of my (many) new year resolutions is to do more things away from my laptop. This includes getting some fresh air, learning to bake, making tasty dinners and most of all – crafting!

When Kellen and I were chatting about getting some new furniture for our apt, I jumped at the chance! After all – I do love myself a good shopping trip! I headed to a few Thrift Towns and found the perfect items that I was looking for!

Of course they needed some extra love! Here’s a look at my furniture makeover crafting! πŸ™‚

First is a bathroom stand I scored for $1.99:











The bottom of the magazine part was missing so I got a piece of plywood I had from our old broken magazine stand and hammered it in!

Then I got to painting and detailing…











And… here it is all done in the bathroom! Not too Shabby!

Then I found this perfect dresser for our bedroom!! It was marked down to $19.99! Score

I re-painted it an ivory white, choose a gold paint for the drawers and with the help of my niece Emma, chose a few fun accent colors and new knobs.











Once I got it upstairs and put all of the drawers back, I knew it was just perfect for the space!! And… what’s better than a His and Hers dresser?? He won’t try to steal any of my pink drawers!

Happy Crafting everyone!



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I’ve done so much moving in the past few years, I’m surprised I just don’t have one suitcase that I constantly live in to keep it simple. I am however, hopelessly devoted to decoration and knick-knacks that I acquire things upon things from apartment to apartment and just can’t let go.

Our move from Michigan last month was the one move where I was eager to just toss stuff so we could manage to fit our lives and two little kitties into a 10 ft Uhaul and drive back across the country. I still think about those little vases, mirrors and odds and ends that I tossed before I left. But, out with the old and in with the new – er – “new for me” anyway since most of my newfound goodies are from yard sales or estate sales. πŸ™‚

Thought I’d share a bit of my bedroom as it’s coming along quite nicely I must say so myself. πŸ˜‰ At least my side of the bedroom anyway. Kellen hasn’t honed in on his decorating skills yet, so his side is blank walls. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy!

My “calming corner”

My “wannabe vanity”

Love these!!!

Need to get some hooks so I can hang more things on this super cutie owl!

Everyone needs a Frida candle and wooden Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken, don’t they???

Totally splurged on these knobs at Joann’s! But I heart them!!

And the grand finale, my Oh-So-lovely closet!! There’s even a light on the inside! Woop! Getting up there in the world! πŸ˜‰

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Weekend Goodies!

Another fun weekend has come and gone. Kellen and I went back down to the bay to visit and make a much needed trip to Hilltop in good ol El Sobrante… YES.. I said HILLTOP! πŸ˜‰ Even though that entire mall is worthless, the Macy’s has THE best men’s department and he scored shorts, t-shirts, button ups, and a gorgeous Michael Kors tie – all for $40! Yiiiiiieeeee!!!

I scored on some new goodies too! Stopped by this AMAZING (but overpriced) estate sale in El Sobs and got this fab new lamp!! Along with my bestie Adriana, I am totally obsessed with awesome lamps and was seeking the perfect one for my nightstand. Love it!

Then back in Sacramento, I hit up the monthly antique fair under the 80. It’s about 4 blocks from our apt, so I couldn’t miss it! I’m a little anti on antique fairs, just since all of the prices are always hiked up. I’m a penny saver, so spending $20 on something I can get a Thrift Town for $5 makes me cringe. I went with a $60 budget and did end up scoring some new goodies though!!

Scarves, vintage cardigan and three adorable new belts!! I esp LOVE the ‘B’ one!!

The most perfect plant holder I could have ever asked for:

A mini grandfather clock for Kellen! I took one of his presidential pics, this one the ‘Drafting of the Declaration of Independence’ and cut it so it fit perfectly in the ‘frame’ part on the bottom. Had to do something creative with it!

Also found a mirror and white wicker shelving unit, but stay tuned for my next post on my new and improved guest room/craft room/office!! Yay for a 2 bedroom apt!!

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One of my goals of starting this blog is to really put myself out there to gain a new community of friends in Sacramento. I know it’s strange to think, how can I make friends through a blog?? But I’ve seen it happen and I’d love to create a community up here that I can grow into instead of always driving down to the bay area or tapping into Kellen’s law school friend bank. πŸ˜‰ There’s only so much conversation on Torts and Civ Pro that I can handle! πŸ˜‰

I work at home, so it puts a damper on making new work friends, but I am always down for happy hours or shopping excursions! Please connect with me if you want to hang and I will SO be down!

Here’s a few things about me:

– Super fun and always rearing to go out and explore the town

– Interested in new things, new atmospheres and new food

– Lover of THRIFT TOWN!! If you’re not a Thrift town VIP, you’re missing out!!! Lets go shopping!

The first Sacramento event I totally want to check out is the Fashion’s Night Out at Pavillions. Says free admission, so I’m assuming anyone can go in and take a look see??

If you’re going and don’t mind someone tagging a long, let me know! Or if you’re thinking of going and don’t have anyone to go with, let me know! πŸ˜‰


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Back to Cali!!

Who’d have thought I would have moved across the country and back in less than a year?? From California to Michigan and back to California – all of that time on the road and I am still beaming that I’m back in my home state!

To celebrate my momentous return, I decided to start a blog and chronicle my newfound home of Sacramento, CA. With the non-stop sunshine, the color-filled farmers market and quick 20 minute drive to see my adorable little nieces, I have to say that Sacramento is definitely on my favorite places to live list!

So, why did I travel so far only to return? Well, my lovely boyfriend Kellen, Β being the amazing brilliant guy he is, got into law school in Lansing , Michigan. I decided to embark on the adventure with him and check out the midwest for the first time by moving there. Lets just say… it was one tough 11 months! I tried to like it, but I am just so happy he was able to transfer back to California for the remaining 2 years of school at University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law!

This move means a lot to me and I’m excited to explore the new terrain Sacramento has to offer! I’ll be sharing my favorite shops and restaurants, some daily rants, projects and crafts, daily outings and any other odds and ends!

I hope anyone out there who wants to read, joins on and takes a look-see!



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