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As I was on my way for some groceries at Ranch 99 in Sacramento in the stormy spring rain, I miraculously stumbled upon a Goodwill outlet. I had been craving some thrifting but with my stomach growling only dinner was on my mind.

However.. when I saw the neon painted windows that screamed ‘$1.89 per lb’ for clothes… I srsly screeched into the parking lot and ran inside!! I’m normally very comfortable with thrift stores since my mom has been a thriftier since I was a baby on Mission street in the city. However – this outlet was a little bit of a shocker.

Huge bins FILLED to the top with items and people wearing face masks, gloves and all digging through the bins to find goodies. Of course, I jumped in. But next time, I’ll prob wear my cleaning clothes b/c I felt pretty gross when I left.

It was all worth it though because I found tons of awesome things including 2 dresses, 3 shirts, 2 shirts for my niece, one shirt for my sister, one shirt for Kellen, a lamp shade here, fabric for my lamp shade here and 2 new pieces of art… all for $8!! That’s what? Like 60 cents an item! I’ll take it!!

One of the items I found was this super mumu sea shell dress! I just loved the fabric and saw the potential.. so I sewed it to a perfect fit!!

Here’s the before:

AND… here’s the AFTER!! Def new fav dress!!

I thought this little rope belt looked perf with it!! What do you think??

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At the end of a long day of bargain hunting at the White Elephant preview sale, I drove back up to Sacramento and took in all of my new finds!! I went in with a budget of $100… and still had $20 left on my way back up!

Here are just a FEW highlights of my major scores! Too many scores to post a pic of everything!!

New Tablecloth!

Kitchen Goodies!!

Makeup and Sewing cases!

Sewing supplies I’ve been looking at getting forever!

Most ADORABLE key holder EVER!!

Frames, craft supplies, pretty trash can and more!!

Beautiful gold and olive dress!!

Purse and gloves!


Beautiful table linens and new decorations!

Bookshelf ends for Kellen!

And one of my new FAVORITE things… my February Angel!

Like what you see?? The sale for the public is March 3rd and 4th!! Get there EARLY for the best deals!!

Happy shopping!


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Endless shelves of baskets, lines of dressers, bins of scarves and massive tables overfilled with shoes. Sounds like heaven, right? Well, I found heaven on earth and that is the White Elephant Sale in Oakland, CA.

For years, my family and I make the ‘preview’ sale benefiting the Oakland Museum OUR event of the year. We count down the days from the 1st of the year to the sale weekend. We strategize on who’s going to which department first and study the map of the 96,000 square foot warehouse to be sure we know where each department is. Do I go to the shoe department first? Accessories? Kitchen? Books? Art? Brick-a-Brack?? Agh!! So many options!!

I was told not to share the sale on my blog so I wouldn’t ‘giveaway the secret’. Well, seeing how the line to get in is well over 1,000 ppl deep, I don’t think it’s too much of a secret anymore… so I wanted to share the amazingness with all of you!

Here’s a look at the experience:

My family; all smiles eagerly waiting for the doors to OPEN!

The line behind us wrapping through the Oakland neighborhood.

Kitchen Dept!


Emma shopping in Children’s dept!



Baskets in Brick-a-Brack!

See my next post for what I actually BOUGHT!!! Fabulousness!!










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Ok; so I have to admit that I did go shopping for myself over the holidays. I mean, with all of those crazy sales, how could I resist??? Especially when I kept getting those Jeremy’s additional sale emails; went from 40% off to 50% off to 60% off to 70% off to 80% off to 90% off. I’m serious… yes.. 90% off the lowest ticketed sale price. INSANE.

I happily made it to a few of the sales including the 70% weekend! I was accompanied by the lovely Loressa Hutchinson of L on Sac for that sale and we had a blast!! I had to prepare her for the madness at hand, but only after experiencing it did she realize the high of walking out the door with a bag of bargains. I hope she has as much fun as I did!

Here’s a look at two of my favorite purchases from that trip – festive shoes!!

Alejandro Ingelmo half-bootie nude pump: Jeremy’s price $395. Sale Price $8. My Price after 70% off: $2

Beverly Feldman gold and black platforms (I added the festive poinsettia but have to find a new charms to add so I can wear them the rest of the year!) Jeremy’s price $59 Sale Price $15 My price after 70% off: $5

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One of my goals of starting this blog is to really put myself out there to gain a new community of friends in Sacramento. I know it’s strange to think, how can I make friends through a blog?? But I’ve seen it happen and I’d love to create a community up here that I can grow into instead of always driving down to the bay area or tapping into Kellen’s law school friend bank. πŸ˜‰ There’s only so much conversation on Torts and Civ Pro that I can handle! πŸ˜‰

I work at home, so it puts a damper on making new work friends, but I am always down for happy hours or shopping excursions! Please connect with me if you want to hang and I will SO be down!

Here’s a few things about me:

– Super fun and always rearing to go out and explore the town

– Interested in new things, new atmospheres and new food

– Lover of THRIFT TOWN!! If you’re not a Thrift town VIP, you’re missing out!!! Lets go shopping!

The first Sacramento event I totally want to check out is the Fashion’s Night Out at Pavillions. Says free admission, so I’m assuming anyone can go in and take a look see??

If you’re going and don’t mind someone tagging a long, let me know! Or if you’re thinking of going and don’t have anyone to go with, let me know! πŸ˜‰


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Back to Cali!!

Who’d have thought I would have moved across the country and back in less than a year?? From California to Michigan and back to California – all of that time on the road and I am still beaming that I’m back in my home state!

To celebrate my momentous return, I decided to start a blog and chronicle my newfound home of Sacramento, CA. With the non-stop sunshine, the color-filled farmers market and quick 20 minute drive to see my adorable little nieces, I have to say that Sacramento is definitely on my favorite places to live list!

So, why did I travel so far only to return? Well, my lovely boyfriend Kellen, Β being the amazing brilliant guy he is, got into law school in Lansing , Michigan. I decided to embark on the adventure with him and check out the midwest for the first time by moving there. Lets just say… it was one tough 11 months! I tried to like it, but I am just so happy he was able to transfer back to California for the remaining 2 years of school at University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law!

This move means a lot to me and I’m excited to explore the new terrain Sacramento has to offer! I’ll be sharing my favorite shops and restaurants, some daily rants, projects and crafts, daily outings and any other odds and ends!

I hope anyone out there who wants to read, joins on and takes a look-see!



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